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Motivating Graphics’ team is comprised of some of the most accomplished professionals in the printing industry. Their depth of experience managing large-scale printing operations positions the company as a leader in the printing industry, armed with making sure our customer is 100% satisfied with our final product. Motivating Graphics has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006 and continues to hold certification today.


  • Ray G. Clark – President
  • Chris Clark – Executive Vice President
  • Tim Clark – Executive Vice President
  • Ed Yeaton – Global Chief Financial Officer


  • Brent Anderson – Global Account/Technical Support Manager
  • Larry LaRochelle – Global Account Executive
  • Melanie Casimiro – Global Sr. Account Manager
  • Rolando Deleon – Global Business Director


  • Dale Jennings – Motivating Graphics General Manager
  • JT Harper- Assistant General Manager/Technical Operations Manager
  • Tamara Huff – Global ISO MR/Environmental MR/Audits, Certifications, Environmental Manager
  • Mike Quinonez – Global Quality Manager
  • K.C. Sweat – Global PrePress Manager
  • Kevin Vo – Global IT Manager
  • Neal Anderson- Global Production Specialist
  • Dolores Jennings – Office Manager
  • Tony Guzzi – Packaging Manager
  • Rich Picone – Special Projects Manager
  • Steve Principe – Product Development Manager
  • Rachel Liu – Asia Pacific Account Executive


In 1996, company leadership was turned over to Ray G. Clark. Due to past history, the continued growth of the company required dramatic growth and expansion with new capabilities. It was decided to relocate and expand into new locations and add new customers in Florida. Since then, we have customized our model to ensure best solutions for the telecommunications and Consumer Electronics industry, leadership decided to move with key customers and create Headquarters and world class operations in Ft. Worth, Texas. Ray G. Clark’s and his two sons, Chris Clark and Tim Clark, are leading Company into the Global reach of our customers. We know printing, and ensure best value for our customers.

The last few years, we have invested millions in new equipment, and in turn created what truly can be recognized as a world class global print and packaging solutions provider, that is focused on localized requirements. With our global presence expanding, we for the first time have ventured to market our vast capabilities and push the brand of Motivating Graphics into the market place and make our presence felt among various industries and market centers.

With a bright future on the horizon, and being rewarded the business of many new global customers this year, our journey has just began, as our founder Ray S Clark always says THE BEST IS STILL YET TO COME! We will focus on making a lasting IMPRESSION!

3100 Eagle Parkway
Fort Worth, Texas 76177
Tel: 817.491.4788
Fax: 817.491.4820

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